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Miaozhu is a full-service, international law firm, with its headquarters located in Chongqing. Founded in 2016, Miaozhu Law Firm has already established a reputation in the Chinese legal services market. We are now one of the fastest-growing law firms in Asia and our aim is to forge a leading Chinese firm on a global scale, echoing China's economic reform and social development.

Our legal team specializes in a broad spectrum of practice areas, including international trade, foreign investment, company law, capital markets & securities, cross-Strait affairs, private equity, investment & finance, mergers & acquisitions, intellectual property, real estate, energy & environmental law and maritime trade & affairs. In addition to legal services we are active in the area of business development, and can contribute practical advice to your business operations, ensuring you do not have to sacrifice your bottom line in attending to problems beyond your scope of activity.

Entering into a new era, Miaozhu Law Firm continues to tirelessly explore avenues for improvement, aiming to become a first-rate, large-scale, and multi-practice firm that offers a range of unique professional and management services. Miaozhu derives its driving force from consistent review and reform of its management, organization, and work distribution system; its future strategy from stepping up systematization, specialization, brand promotion, and internationalization efforts; and its operating goals from the building of effective resource sharing and quality control systems. In addition, Miaozhu remains invariably people-oriented, using informational and technological advancements as a platform to fully utilize human and market resources, creating an innovative cultural management model.

In addition to providing quality legal services, many Miaozhu lawyers are also actively engaged in legal research, producing a wide range of publications and significant academic contributions in their respective fields.

Over the years, Miaozhu Law Firm has developed from an individualized practice to a structured, systematic, and professional organization through continuous exploration and reform. In particular, the new management system and practices instituted in 2011 have yielded fruitful results. Through scientific and practical development, the firm has successfully established a system based on “discussion, decision, implementation, supervision”, further promoting the structural and cultural integration of legal services and organizational management. It is upon this new and globalised model that Miaozhu wishes to further improve and develop. Miaozhu today has stepped into the forefront to the legal profession in China. The widespread recognition and high esteem of the firm by all sectors in society attest to Miaozhu’s remarkable dedication and success in carving out a uniquely Chinese path of Development.

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